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Specially built sight and hearing centre

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The hearing and sight department of Halland hospital in Kungsbacka, western Sweden, has received a new modular-built premises from PCS Modulsystem, which has been specially designed from the ground up. During the spring we put a roof over the 900-squaremetre department. The saddle roof was built in sections on site, and then lowered into position along with the modular assembly. This is an effective and damp-proof way to quickly install a protective roof. The sight and hearing centre was built with 24 customised modular sections. Amongst other things, the modules were designed to allow specialised measurement suites could be lowered onto the floor joists. “The new premises will primarily be used by audiologists and other specialists of the hospital’s hearing team treating those with impaired hearing. It includes specially prefabricated measurement rooms for hearing tests and children’s check-ups,” says Michael Lenberg, Project Leader at PCS Modulsystem. Modular-built premises from PCS Modulsystem always incorporate the same high environmental and quality standards as any conventional building. “The fact is that they are extremely solid. On average, our units hold between 20 and 25 per cent more material than conventional site-built housing with the added advantage that they are portable and can be moved to new locations for new uses,” explains Michael. The new, specially built department at Halland hospital was ready for use in June 2013.
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