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Modules converted into medical unit

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This film shows how modules used for a school can be re-used for a temporary medical unit at a hospital.
  From this year, PCS is producing the most advanced modules on the market: PCS Comfort. All modules are built to last, to be readily moved and modified for alternative uses. Right now PCS is working on a medical unit by modifying modules that were previously used by a school. “Re-using building modules is common. A module can always be adapted to customer requirements, regardless of whether we build a new unit, or, as in this case, we re-use modules previously used at a school. In our rebuilding area we recondition and adapt modules to meet the needs of the next user, in this case the neonatal clinic at Östra Hospital in Gothenburg,” says Michael Lenberg at PCS in Gothenburg.
One-storey school becomes two-storey hospital
The school had been a one-storey structure. PCS quickly removed the modules that could have been modified to become multi-storey office space, temporary housing or any other application. But in this case, these modules were to be tailored made for a neonatal clinic at Östra Hospital in Gothenburg. The 14 modules were freshened up, inside and out, and adapted to the specific requirements of the clinic and their exteriors were specially designed to merge in well with the rest of the hospital. They were turned into two-storey structures and connected to the main building.
See more about the assembly of the neonatal unit at Östra Hospital here >>
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