Tel: 08-390099

PCS = Portable Construction System™,
our own modular building system.


Secure and durable systems
for as long as you need them.


Quality, affordable mobile solutions.


The complete process - from planning
and design to assembly and construction.


Do you have acute accommodation needs?
Give us a call.

Suddenly you need an office, a school or pre-school. With us, you can hire premises, as long you like.

Do you want to avoid getting yourself trapped in an expensive investment? With PCS Modulsystem, you don’t need to know how long you need a site - just that you need one right now. We’ll arrange it for you. Then you lease the site for as long as you need it, and we’ll take care of the hire modules. The units are very flexible, of high quality, and we also design great interiors and exteriors. Thanks to our Portable Construction System™ we offer own-produced lease modules and office units. We can design them to your specific requirements, and we deliver and assemble units quickly and easily at your site. You decide how long you need to lease our portable module solution. Call us on +46 (0) 8 39 00 99, and together we can work out how our hire modules can best resolve your premises problem.
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