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The new module that silences all

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Nya tysta modulerna PCS Comfort

Nya tysta modulerna PCS Comfort


After a year’s development work

After a year’s development work, PCS Modulsystem is set to launch its new range of specially insulated modules for temporary premises in the new year: PCS Comfort. “To deliver the best possible comfort in terms of noise level in the premises we lease, we started with entirely new modules, says Gert Hedström, Project Leader and Development Manager at PCS Modulsystem. “At pre-schools, schools, hospitals and other healthcare facilities – virtually everywhere where our modules are used – noise levels are an extremely important factor in creating a good working environment.” PCS Modulsystem has established a reputation for high quality and finish to its modules for temporary premises, at reasonable prices. Now the company is taking another important step by launching its next generation of modules.
Noise monitoring by Stockholm City council
“We started the project after Stockholm City council measured noise levels in all pre-schools in the city, and found that they were too high at many of both permanent and temporary pre-schools. Soon afterwards, we obtained excerpts from the report and discovered that there were also flaws in some of our premises,” explains Gert and continues: “We’ve been working with our module products for 15 years now, which we’ve of course modernised along the way. But we realised that it was time to take a bigger step and develop an entirely new product range with modules that meet both today’s and tomorrow’s working environment requirements.”
Acoustic specialists
To develop the best possible noise level performance, PCS worked with acoustic specialists and applied the current collective knowledge that exists in building technologies, including everything from insulation, absorption and frequency interruption to step-, frame- and crosstalk noise. “During the project, we tested different materials for the floor joists to identify the right balance between muffling, weight and strength. We tested new types of insulation materials and increased wall thickness. We even laid soundstage carpeting. To ensure that the development work delivered the best results, we also conducted acoustic measurements,” adds Gert.
A window to a world of possibilities
Another important detail with the new modules is that they are equipped with improved door and window functionality. “There’s glass to let light in, to muffle sound and to improve energy efficiency. Our new windows are optimised to shut out unwanted noise, while at the same time keep heat in. By meeting high energy efficiency standards, we make the modules more comfortable regardless of whether there’s a lot of traffic, or whether it’s warm or cold outside,” explains Gert.
A hunt for efficiency
The new PCS Comfort modules also have thicker walls to meet new and future energy requirements. “Much of the development work focused on efficiency gains. Apart from the modules needing to be extremely effective at ensuring comfortable noise levels, we also worked to make substantial improvements in energy efficiency. And at the same time, our modules need to be efficient in terms of cost and weight. Our modules are portable so that they can be used flexibly for leasing for short periods, and then be moved and used again at another premises.”
You can see the difference in the facade
All the improvements in terms of noise, light and energy efficiency in the new PCS Comfort modules can be hard to see, they need to be measured and experienced. But you will in fact be able to see both outside and in if a pre-school, school, hospital ward or other customised premises is built with the new generation of PCS modules. Externally, PCS Comfort is characterised by its very own design, entrances with cedar tree facades bordering the attractive doors.
More annex than pavilion
We have also increased the standard size of the modules from 3 x 9 metres to 3 x 12 metres. This means that these module units are wider and that the way we put together pavilions will change. Our new premises will feel more like annexes. Because we’ve increased the standard size, as you enter a unit, you also experience an improved sense of spaciousness. “Our 12-metre long modules are suited, above all, to pre-schools and schools because they offer more flexible floor plans with sufficient space for play areas and classrooms. Neither do we have the same splice limitations that we have with the nine-metre modules,” says Gert.
Comfort and Classic
PCS Comfort compliments PCS’s standard module range. PCS Classic is also still available, in different sizes. “Our classic module range will still be ideal for many applications, and will continue to be an option in situations where cost is a key consideration,” says Gert.
Gert Hedström, projektledare för PCS Modulsystem nya tysta modulserie.

Gert Hedström, Project Leader for the new, quiet module series from PCS.

PCS Comfort, nya tysta moduler från PCS Modulsystem.

PCS Comfort, a new, quiet module from PCS Projectservice, is now fully developed.

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