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Modules assembled on “invisible” ground

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Watch this film about how a building is assembled where there is no building space.

Space for a building that was right in front of our eyes

Many people have probably needed temporary premises, large and small, for longer or shorter periods, but are forced into alternative solutions. The reason for this is often due to a lack of available ground on which to place temporary modules. But sometimes a solution can be right in front of your eyes, even if you don’t even see it at first. Östra Hospital in Gothenburg faced just such a dilemma. That is until the hospital contacted PCS, and we came up with a solution to their problems. PCS Modulsystem’s third assembly at Östra Hospital is a pretty special project. There was no actual natural surface area for the four modules. We have had to adapt to the small amount of space available, i.e.: a grassy area adjacent to the existing hospital building, and the pavement along the roadway and a turning area by the entrance of the building. Large sections of the foundations have been positioned on the grass, which in itself is not unusual. What made things harder and differentiates these foundations from others is that there was a height difference of 1.5 metres between the grassy area and the ground floor on street level. The assembly therefore started with a bulldozer to remove grass and topsoil. This was replaced with various layers of gravel to create a stable surface. We then built up the foundations to street level. With the modules in position, the top level of the foundations were clad in a hardwearing plastic sheeting. This provides protection from the elements, and also creates an air pocket under the pavilion that ensures that the assembly is free from drafts and cold floors.
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En alldeles speciell moduletablering, se filmen här intill.

Learn in the film more about this unique assembly.

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