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Modular unit adapted for parkland

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In the leafy Gothenburg suburb of Skårs Allé, we have built a pre-school with a difference. To ensure that this modular unit blended in with the surrounding area as much as possible, PCS Modulsystem decided to fit the classroom with a sedum roof. “The customer was very keen to recreate a classic red barn with white panelling. We decided to add the sedum roof, mostly because the thick grass absorbs carbon dioxide. In this way, the pre-school makes its own modest contribution to carbon offsetting,” says Gert Hedström, Project Leader at PCS. The sedum grass starts to grow when the outside temperature reaches 10 degrees. And its appearance changes with the seasons. “Sedum is a living, natural material, so it changes from green to red to brown according to the time of year, before it gets a covering of snow in the winter. It’s hard wearing, retains water and it’s practical because it’s maintenance-free. Furthermore, it looks great in the right surroundings. Here, we thought we’d make a special effort to ensure the pre-school blended in with the greenery of the surrounding area,” adds Gert. The pre-school was ready for staff and children to move into in the middle of May 2013, and accommodates two classrooms. More about the pre-school >>
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