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PCS = Portable Construction System™,
our own modular building system.


Secure and durable systems
for as long as you need them.


Quality, affordable mobile solutions.


The complete process - from planning
and design to assembly and construction.


Do you have acute accommodation needs?
Give us a call.

Portable Construction System™. Modular building solutions of high quality.

PCS Modulsystem AB’s philosophy is to provide secure, durable and well constructed solutions for customers that are unsure of how long the need for a locale will exist, but at the same time need a quick solution. PCS stands for Portable Construction System™, our own modular building system. For over 25 years we have been designing building modules created exactly for the flexible turnkey solutions our customers need. Because we cover the entire chain - from planning, design, construction and production of building blocks to assembling and building construction - we can provide fast service with outstanding cost effectiveness. Our building modules are very high quality, to meet all high standards for environment, accessibility, customization and sustainability. If you find yourself with acute accommodation needs, please contact us and we will be happy to help you take your project straight to completion. Du som själv just nu sitter med ett lokalbehov – hör av dig till oss så hjälper vi dig att ta ditt projekt raka vägen till färdig lösning. Ring oss på tel 08-39 00 99.