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A new school in 25 seconds flat

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Watch this 25-second film that shows how Solhemsängen School was constructed using modules from PCS Modulsystem. “Nobody can tell that the school is built with modules. The students and teachers using the building are very happy.” That’s the verdict of the school’s assistant head-teacher Susanne Barklund. Susanne says that the quality of teaching has improved in the new, modern and modular-built school. “PCS understood our needs and, apart from the annex, basically rebuilt the entire old school throughout. So we have all our main function rooms located close to the entrance,” Susanne says, and adds: “At the same time, we’ve been able to divide the school into a larger number of academic groups. Before, all teaching staff shared one room, now every workgroup has its own room. The whole school has been modernised. It’s had a hugely positive impact on our work.” Read the full interview with Susanne Barklund here >> Read about each step in a fast, comprehensive and high quality school building project >>
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