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A head for numbers and delicacies

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To put it rather formally, PCS Modulsystem’s latest recruit, Maria Jaconelli, has been employed to manage client and supplier billing, accounting and administration. In plain English, this means that Maria will be keeping track of just about everything. Like invoicing, payments, manning the phone, keeping tabs on all of us, and writing reams of documents. “I’m really excited to be here and I’m looking forward to getting involved in the processes that drive every project,” says Maria. From the same field, but different Maria’s most recent professional experience appears to be very similar to the areas in which PCS works: the rental sector, primarily property and construction. “My work at HLL Hyreslandslaget was actually markedly different to what I do here at PCS. At HLL we managed a large number of smaller products that were rented every day, whereas at PCS the work is about more involved, more far-reaching building projects that are then rented out. I’m looking forward to getting a better idea of how the whole company works,” she explains. Music and cuisine If you happen to hear someone humming when you call or visit us, it’s bound to be Maria. Her father Giovanni was a prominent musician; he played clarinet, and Maria has inherited his passion for music. She plays the piano, sings in a choir and loves to hum songs whenever, wherever. “Otherwise, it’s probably food that is my biggest interest. I worked with Italian and Spanish delicacies for many years. A lot of cheeses, but also catering and wholesale,” she says. Italian delicacies in the blood Today, food and delicacies are more of a hobby. “I like cooking and entertaining family and friends at home. Thanks to having Italian parents, I do a lot of Italian food. Baking gnocchi is probably my favourite. Making them stand up and letting them fall down as I’ve done since I was little. It can be served with almost anything; perhaps a nice meat ragout, something vegetarian, spinach, cheese, mushrooms… yeah, most things.” We have to bring the interview to an end. All this talk of food has made both Maria and the interviewer just too hungry and we break for lunch. But at any other time, Maria is ready if you need to know anything about PCS, or get hold of one of our project leaders. We warmly welcome Maria to the team!
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